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Plasmaglow Neon License Plate Frame

At a base level, the Plasmaglow Neon License Plate Frame is simply a product that allows users to enhance an area of their automobile that would otherwise be dull and drab. Neon lighting has long been used to grab attention and therefore naturally made its way into being used on vehicles. With ten colors to choose from, this frame offers plenty of ways to customize the look of your car.

Durability is a must when using neon lighting on a car. The lighting must be able to stand up to being bumped around and must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The Plasmaglow Neon License Plate Frame does both due to fact that it is sealed in Lexan and is completely waterproof. High quality sealing is also the key to keeping colors bright, which is of course the ultimate goal when using neon.

Additional durability is accomplished through the low profile design. Thicker frames increase the risk of damage as they can easily be hit by rocks, hail, and assorted road debris. Many prefer the low profile design simply because they feel that it looks better. A sleek, custom design requires a sleek license plate frame.

Ease of use is another consideration. The Plasmaglow Neon License Plate Frame offers users the ability to hook the frame up using only two wires. Mounting hardware is included with the purchase, as are installation instructions. The frame can be installed on any make or model car. Though back tag installation is most common, front tag installation will be possible on most cars.

Mounting can be completed in three different ways, allowing for plenty of options. Additionally, the frame can be wired to work along with brake lights, running lights, or parking lights. So long as there is a 12V system to connect to, installation will be a simple process.

Priced online at around $25, the Plasmaglow Neon License Plate Frame comes with a lifetime warranty. To place an order, simply choose your favorite color. Those in search of an additional way to customize the look of their vehicle can purchase this frame with confidence.

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