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    Plasmaglow Neon License Plate Frame

    At a base level, the Plasmaglow Neon License Plate Frame is simply a product that allows users to enhance an area of their automobile that would otherwise be dull and drab. Neon lighting has long been used to grab attention and therefore naturally made its way into being used on ... Read more

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    Giving License Plate Frames As Gifts

    If you have someone on your gift list that is hard to buy for, consider license plate frames. Car owners tend to take great pride in their vehicle, and will certainly appreciate receiving something new and special that can be added it. Not only are these an excellent gift for tho ... Read more

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    License Plate Frames As A Method Of Advertising

    Just when you thought you had seen every method of advertising possible, something new comes along. There was a time when license plate frames were quite plain, and only used to hold the plate in place. Soon they became more decorative, and were used to jazz up the license plate ... Read more

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    Three Reasons to Buy a Chrome License Plate Frame

    While plenty of people are content to leave their license plate frames exactly the same as they were when they got them, others like to shake things up a bit and replace the frame with something a little more special. ... Read more

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    Three Cool Ways to Jazz Up Your License Plate Frame

    The average license plate frame is a little boring, don't you think? Typically, it's just a solid metal frame with no variation sitting around the license plate. It may have the name of the car dealer on it. ... Read more

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